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28 września 2022, godz.15:00
Zgłoszone miasta
w Azji i Australii

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Melbourne, Australia
W tym dniu będziemy modlić się Koronką pod figurką Jezusa Miłosiernego
przy Sanktuarium Bożego Miłosierdzia w Keysborough/Melbourne


Port Moresby

Blessed Day Fr. Remigiusz Reclaw,
Thank you for the invitation to join with other sisters and brothers in Christ all over the world.
I am happy to be with your team on this special day (28/09/22) in prayer.
I’ve had several similar prayer requests with the Oceania Divine Mercy leaders since 2019-2022
and I’m grateful for been a devotee of this beautiful and powerful prayer group.
I received your email through my friends from the Oceania Divine Mercy team.
Recently, I joined in a prayer invitation from Fr. Zbigniew Bielas,
rector of the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy for “Mercy as the Hope for the World” in preparation
to the 20th Anniversary in Krakow (Novena Prayers).
I look forward to 3pm on the 28th of this month to pray for the world;
although we have time difference. Thanks & Best Regards,
Ms Jane Oa Divine Mercy Devotee –
St John the Apostle Parish-Tokarara, Port Moresby Archdiocese
of Port Moresby Papua New Guinea